A while ago, I heard someone make a comment about sex that I couldn’t quite understand. He said that it wasn’t really sex if you didn’t use condoms. I guess in this day and age, people feel that they have to do what they are told. So, I asked him why he believed that without them we were not having safe sex. After all, he is married and therefore was bound by law to use protection. I thought about this for a moment and then asked him why he believed that condoms were only necessary if we had oral sex and not sex that involved intercourse.

His answer made a lot more sense. Oral sex is one of the most porous ways that we are able to have sex. Even when a man is young and healthy, it is easy for other parts of the body to be exposed. The problem with this is that we don’t usually know that we are doing this and so there is a greater risk that diseases can find their way to us through our mouth and throat.

We only use the condom in these kinds of sexual encounters because of this. It is not something that we engage in very often. We are more likely to use other forms of protection. But, still, there are plenty of people that have had sex without using any kind of condom.

There is a difference between having sex and giving a gift of sex. In a way, giving condoms is the same as giving a gift of sex. We would never think of having sex without them. We may think of them as tools but in reality, they are not. They are used to protect us and that is really the bottom line here.

We had sex without the condoms because we just didn’t have the time to use them. I mean, the whole idea was to get to the bed and have some non-sexual physical contact with our partner before we get into the sack. We were not thinking of children here. We didn’t realize that just by having sex, we were setting ourselves up for an unexpected pregnancy. We weren’t thinking of that and now, as adults, we know better.

We know that sex without condoms is not a good idea. We also know that what we are going to do has to be a choice. We don’t have to make a decision without consulting with our doctor first. If you have questions or concerns, go talk to your doctor. You are better off together.

The thing about having unprotected sex without condoms is that, if you are using one, you are putting yourself at risk for getting STDs. The more we have sex, the more chance that we are going to get STDs. Do we want to take that chance? Of course not.

For those of us that have decided to forego condoms, there is a lot more information to be found online. There is plenty of information out there on how to make sure you don’t get STDs. Plenty of websites offer free advice and tips. A quick look around will help you see that there are many options out there. We had sex without condoms help us learn more, but it does require some research.

We were both very careful when choosing which condom we wanted to use. We made sure it was late and that it was the right thickness. We were careful to note the measurements on the box so that we would know exactly what size we were buying. We also took into consideration the taste of the condom. We were going to stick with a brand we are used to and find it enjoyable, or go for something new and exciting!

My partner and I never used any diaphragms when we had sex without condoms. We found that there was just too much irritation, even after we did use condoms. It’s probably because of the sensitivity of the penis when you have it in the area. But even though we never used condoms with diaphragms, our doctor told us not to assume we could handle it. We had to decide if we wanted to put ourselves at risk for contracting STDs.

If you are having unprotected sex, it is always best to wear something to protect yourself. But regardless of whether you wear a condom or not, it is important to practice safe sex. We had to realize that we were putting ourselves at risk of catching something we might be able to catch if we did not use protection. So if you feel you need some advice on how to have sex without condoms, do not be afraid to seek out medical assistance!

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