Foreplay: turning up the heat. Sex and love can feel amazing when you do it right. However, they can also be a little dull and mundane if you do not know what you are doing, or if you just do not get the right mood. It is very important to feel your partner sexually attractive and appealing, but it is even more important that she feels special and wanted. Read on to find out how you can turn up the heat and make your sex life even better than ever before.

Foreplay: turning up the heat. If you are not enjoying the foreplay as much as you should be then you will definitely want to try something new. If you are the adventurous type then you might want to start with sex toys or a sex position that you have never tried before. This way you will get more in the mood and will feel like you are really doing something to yourself.

Foreplay: talking dirty. The more you talk and moan during sex, the more your partner will enjoy it. Even if you are married, it is very important that you keep the sexual conversation light and flowing. You want to create a romantic atmosphere. The more she relaxes in the bedroom, the better she will feel about being in it.

Foreplay: touching her. Foreplay is important but you do not want to feel like you are just using her as a masturbation tool. Be more romantic and touch her gently. Stroke her and kiss her good night. When you kiss her good night you will feel her reaching down to get more of you.

Foreplay: feeling her. Foreplay should be comfortable and fun. Most men do not realize that women like to feel sexy and pampered as well. Take the time to talk to her and make her feel special. A woman will feel a great deal of anticipation when she knows that she is being pampered.

If the sex in the last few minutes is hot, then you should continue on to oral sex. Women tend to like having their partner control the pace of their sex. As the heat rises, you can slow down a bit or even speed up.

Foreplay: climaxing. It is important to climax first in order to become more aroused. This will take some time so do not be concerned if it takes a while. Once you climax, it will take a lot less time for her to get aroused and become more comfortable with you.

You should always include foreplay in your list of things to do when you are making love. Foreplay is an essential part of any sexual experience and women love it when they know that their man is going to be coming soon. Do not be intimidated by this, if you have never done this before. You will feel great when you learn how to turn up the heat in the bedroom. You will feel more confident in your sex life and you will not be fearful of it anymore.

Learn how to sensualize yourself: this includes rubbing your woman with oil or lubricants. If you are buying a new mattress then you might want to look for something that feels good. Some people go a little further than just licking her vagina with a tooth comb by shaving their pubic hair. You can take this a step further by applying perfume or Cologne to your woman’s skin. This will create an aroma that she will love.

If you are watching adult movies then pay attention to how their scenes are progressing. Learn what turns her on and when. Learn what kind of foreplay techniques she likes and does not like. Once you get this down, then you can start your foreplay and use these techniques to make her feel special.

As mentioned before, foreplay can help you get turned on and warmed up before sex. However, it is just one aspect of foreplay. You want to get the entire foreplay process under control so that you can get the most out of your sexual experience. There are several more things that you can do to turn her on and warm her up for sex, and they all start with foreplay.

You need to give her plenty of opportunities to be turned on and warmed up before having sex. Foreplay should not only include making her feel sexy and attractive, but also you need to keep the foreplay nice and long enough for her to be fully satisfied and relaxed before you start the real sex. You never want to have sex and then immediately start stimulating her because you will be less prepared for sex and you might not be in the right mood to perform well. Keep it long enough so that she feels special, wants you and is truly ready for sex.

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